Calm Therapy offers a variety of forms of therapy to meet the individual needs of you as a unique person. We do not do one size fits all. Therapy is all about building a sense of trust and rapport with you but also discovering what it is that you are doing that creates the problem you are experiencing.

Below is a brief outline of the services we provide. Your therapist is happy to discuss these options with you further when you request a no cost brief call back to find out more or in at your first session with us.

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy

This is the delivery of a brief therapy approach (Strategic Psychotherapy) to addressing issues in your life delivered via hypnotherapy in a clinical setting. Most problems people experience are problems that they ‘do’ by maintaining specific cognitive and behavioural patterns. For example, if you experience anxiety you will do all or most of the following:

  • Often attribute responsibility for the experience by something outside of you or done to you
  • You will speak in terms of global quantifiers like always, never, everyone, completely and totally in how you describe your experience
  • You will believe that what you think and feel is a true indicator of the truth when this may not be true as it’s just an interpretation, someone may think different to you
  • Overthink and worry about what can happen
  • Have an overwhelming fear of the unknown or uncertainty about the future
  • Expect outcomes to be negative
  • Avoid things so they can handle situations by not having to deal with it in the first place
  • Imagine in your mind a variety of ‘worst case scenarios’ to the issue and replay these repeatedly
  • Predict the future based on the fears they hold on to without checking if these are true or possible.

Most problem states have certain cognitive and behavioural patterns. Essentially the therapist will identify the cognitive and behavioural patterns you do to ‘do’ the problem and use hypnosis as a tool to address these so you have other options of thinking, feeling and behaving made available to you, to not do the problem or minimise this behaviour to acceptable levels.

So, I hear you ask what is Clinical Hypnotherapy then? Will I make you cluck like a chicken like some stage hypnosis act? Simple answer is No.

It is a very effective means of delivering therapy whilst you are experiencing a hypnotic trace state. A hypnotic trance state is simply a natural state of the mind that you in part experience every day. Like when you are absorbed deeply in a movie and you do not hear your partner or kids ask you something or when
you’ve driven down the road and realised you don’t remember going through a suburb as you were on auto-pilot. We also go through this state when we are on our way to falling asleep. In other words, it’s a natural state of deep focus and absorption.
And you will feel completely still and relaxed and yet so focused on certain parts of your experience. You will be resting back in a comfortable lounge chair, covered by a cosy blanket, eyes resting and closed.

Your Hypnotherapist’s job is to be the navigator of this experience and you are the captain of the ship. Their job
is to guide you into this state by means of indirect suggestion and you do the choosing of what you focus on. They will be talking softly and slowly to you, observing signs of hypnosis while you relax into the experience.

Most people experience a deep feeling of relaxation and complete stillness and yet they are comfortably very focused on what is being suggested. It in essence allows your conscious mind (thinking state of mind) to relax and not be so critical and for your unconscious mind (automatic mind where your patterns and files of how you do things automatically, reside) to be open to new ways of thinking, behaving, choosing and feeling which support the ultimate goal of solving your problem that you are seeking help with.

Essentially each session is delivered weekly and recorded so you can listen to it in between sessions so to reinforce the therapy to effect change. You in effect by having a recording, get 7 hypnosis sessions for 1 in a week. This is your homework amongst other tasks you will receive in order to encourage client participation and active assimilation of the therapy taught.

Hypnotherapy essentially is a very personal experience, and it may differ from person to person as everyone is different when presenting with their problem. Your Hypnotherapist will discuss with you your suitability as a means of effecting change and any questions you may have at your therapy session


This is an effective tool for achieving sound personal development. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about changing patterns of your mind which changes then your experience of your life. What you say in your head, your values your beliefs and how your mind runs patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviours: ultimately determines your experience of your life.

NLP, is about identifying cognitive styles (thinking style) that is attributing to the problem state you are experiencing and changing this with the use of various techniques applied by the therapist. In other words, these techniques help change the way you think. The way you think about something is a pattern or a file which the brain runs as a set of thoughts, feelings, body responses and behaviours. The underlying premise of this approach is “What interrupts the pattern becomes part of the pattern”. Hence changing the ultimate experience of the problem state.

NLP talks the brains language through various strategies and techniques and aims to change patterns that are no longer working well for you in the problem space. Giving you fresh perspectives which you may not have considered before.

It is a relaxed, fun experience of therapy with a very strategic approach. The aim in these sessions is to get results and to have fun while doing it. Clients are often surprised how something that troubled them before, doesn’t seem to be such an issue and a new perspective and way of thinking about the problem can now
be realised. It is effective in creating change in behavioural patterns, overthinking, self-soothing behaviours, anxiety, insomnia & phobias to name a few.


NLP Strategic Coaching is a 12-week life coaching course aimed at achieving specific change in a particular area of your life. The expectation is change will happen in a short period of time by following a specific step by step process. You meet with your coach once per week for 12 consecutive weeks for a one-hour coaching session either in person or via Zoom. The aim to set realistic strategic goals at the beginning of your course, set out the steps to achieve these outcomes in your week by week plan and to
get the support and space to collaborative, reflect and adapt each week to ultimately achieve your set outcomes.

It’s a collaborative approach to discover who you are now, where do you want to be, what you can do to get you there and identifying the process of steps to achieve the end result. Your mind-set coach is your empowerment coach. Their job is to believe and recognise your potential, identify & utilise your resources, identify and educate you in your gaps in your process and create a space where you can find the solutions
in what the next right step is to achieve the ultimate goal you want.

Essentially this coaching is about you, designed clever outcomes around you and for you, in coaching you in fulfilling your goals and aspirations. For your purpose & your passion. As at the end of the day … if you can’t already tell it’s all about YOU.

Complementary Therapy & Holistic Counselling

We are multifaceted beings, we are not just our minds, our body or our spirit, we are all these things: all interconnected. These sessions help you connect with issues using a holistic approach to well-being.

Utilising a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approach (CBT) Sessions can include: Energy work, Meridian Tapping/Balancing, Acupressure, Reiki, Crystal & Colour Therapy, Aroma Touch Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Meditation, Guided Visualisation, Mindfulness, tarot reading and personal development from a holistic standpoint.

With over 10 years experience in this modality, these services offer you an eclectic approach to therapy. Often I have found over the years, people find themselves being stuck in their thoughts, feelings and the trials and tribulations of life, feeling there is a void within them. That something inside is missing. What they are missing is a connection to something bigger, a more spiritual connection to themselves and to life in general.

These services offer you re-alignment to self from a holistic standpoint. We are not just our thoughts and feelings we are so much more than that. Discovering what this is, for you as a person, on an individual level, is what complementary therapy & holistic counselling is all about.

Whilst talking about the possible reasons why you have this experience is sometimes important, it is not the main focus of strategic therapy such as this. Most people like you don’t go to a therapist to tell your story. Telling the story over and over doesn’t always provide a result. Most people like you go to a therapist to find ways to change it, change your experience of the problem: to set yourself free, to discover a sense of calm within.

That’s what we are about here at Calm Therapy, finding how you do the problem so we can teach you how to do something different and in effect change your experience of the problem.