Calm Therapy can help you find the calm within.

Calm Therapy offers a variety of forms of therapy to meet the individual needs of you as a unique person.

Our studio is located in a natural bush setting on private property in Bilpin in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, only 20 minutes drive from Kurrajong. 

We do not do one size fits all. Therapy is all about building a sense of trust and rapport with you but also discovering what it is that you are doing that creates the problem you are experiencing.

The studio is designed with comfort and serenity in mind, creating an atmosphere of your special place where you can unpack and work on issues that trouble you, whilst sharing a cup of tea. Our studio is equipped to comfortably provide you the space to connect, align, learn and improve your mindset in order for you to discover the calm within.


I started seeing April in June 2022, after several months of CBT with a psychologist produced little relief from crippling anxiety, panic attacks and depression. In three short months, April helped me change my life. She taught me how and why I was suffering the way I was, but most importantly, HOW TO STOP doing the things I was doing, that were contributing to both my anxiety and depression.

April’s approach speaks to both the conscious and unconscious mind, and I believe this is why it works so well, and so quickly. In addition to this, April is a lovely, compassionate human who is clearly very passionate about the incredible healing work she does.

I cannot recommend April and Calm Therapy enough!


April makes you feel welcome from the first phone call, her sessions are magical. Therapy which actually works, learning to understand why our brain functions and April’s therapies provided has made a huge difference in my life for anxiety.

Highly recommend April to everyone.


I was lucky enough to have several sessions of hypnotherapy/NLP with April from Calm Therapy last year. This type of treatment was completely new to me & I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

April was incredible at explaining exactly how things would work prior to each session & put my nerves at ease with her confident, caring, non-judgemental nature. After each session I noticed a significant improvement.

I saw changes in areas I believed were unchangeable. I highly recommend April if you’re thinking about hypnotherapy to improve any aspect of your life.


I want to thank April from the bottom of my heart for transforming my life for the better! Using her amazing NLP, hypnotherapy & holistic counselling skills she helped me heal my childhood traumas, manage my anxiety, find my worth and inner voice and so many other things, there are too many to list.

She is compassionate, caring & very supportive and I am forever grateful for the help I have received from her.


I booked into Calm Therapy to see April to help me find ways of managing my anxiety and making a big life decision I was struggling with.

April used her expertise in Holistic Counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Complementary Therapy to help me find and utilise strategies to calm my mind, my anxiety, and the decision-making skills I was lacking, whilst also making me feel supported and understood.

I cannot recommend Calm Therapy and April’s services and expertise enough.


I heard about April through word of mouth. From our initial phone conversation, I knew she was the right person for me. From work related trauma to relationship building.

I went from being permanently numb with anxiety for 3 years from my toxic workplace, to now emotionally intelligent, knowing my worth and genuinely happy.. April, I can never thank you enough.

British Society of Clinical Hypnosis